Social Security Electronic Communications Direction

This Direction follows on from the Social Security (Coronavirus) (Electronic Communications) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2020 (S.R. 2020 No. 87) which allows for a claim to be made electronically for State Pension Credit in addition to the existing methods of claiming by post and by telephone and came into operation on 27 May 2020. In order to facilitate electronic applications for State Pension Credit, a legislative Directions is required to be in place alongside the introduction of the above-mentioned Order.

The proposed Direction amends paragraph 3 of the Social Security (Electronic Communications) (Consolidation) Direction (Northern Ireland) 2017 (which consolidated all previous Directions made from 2006) by making a number minor amendments which add State Pension Credit to the list of authorised benefits that allow a person, through electronic means, to:

  • make a claim;
  • provide any certificate, notice, information or evidence in connection with a claim; and
  • give notification of a change of circumstances in relation to specific named benefits.

The intention to provide an additional digital claim facility as an alternative to the existing methods of claiming Pension Credit mirrors current proposals already taken forward by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and in place in Great Britain.

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