Active Living - A New Sport and Physical Activity Strategy

The Department for Communities, in collaboration with other Government Departments, Councils, SportNI and a wide range of stakeholders, has developed Active Living - the new Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for Northern Ireland. The Active Living Strategy builds on the success of Sport Matters which was published in 2009

How we have developed the new strategy for Sport and Physical Activity

The new strategy has been developed through a process of co-design with a wide range of stakeholders, including Councils, Sports Governing Bodies, Community Planning Partnerships, sports clubs, the community and voluntary sector, activity providers, volunteers, coaches, teachers, lecturers and other interested groups. Over 200 groups with an interest in shaping the future of sport and physical activity have contributed to the development of Active Living.

The co-design approach has contributed to the development of a cross cutting strategy with linkages to a range of other strategies following extensive engagement and consultation with those who have a key interest in sport and physical activities, and those who are currently not engaging in such activities.

As part of the co-design process the Department for Communities was keen to know the views of a range of key stakeholders on the key issues, barriers and challenges relating to sport and physical activity at every level from grassroots through to high performance.

The Department considered the input from the stakeholders and used that to set the strategic direction which includes a Vision for Sport and Physical Activity and the Key Themes and Goals that will if delivered help to shape the sector in the future.

Delivery of the strategy

Currently, the Department’s Active Living team is engaging with key stakeholders from across the sport and physical activity sectors to develop, by co-design, a Delivery Action Plan and to identify the key data sources that will digitally inform progress on implementation. Once agreed, regular updates on delivery will be posted here.

The outcome

Deirdre Hargey as the Communities Minister has approved the strategy and has welcomed Active Living as an ambitious, forward-looking and wide ranging statement of intent that delivers for communities, Governing bodies, clubs and those who have been under represented in the sector including females, disabled people and those from socially deprived areas.

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