Information about National Museums Northern Ireland, NI Museums Council, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium.

Department's responsibilities

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards for our museums and that they continue to develop as attractions both for the local population and our ever increasing visitors.

National Museums Northern Ireland

The Department is responsible for National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI). NMNI promote the awareness, appreciation and understanding of art, history and science; the culture and way of life of people; and the migration and settlement of people.

NMNI museums

National Museums NI hold collections of national significance at its three main sites:

NI Museums Council

The NI Museums Council acts as the main channel of government support to local (non-centrally funded) museums throughout Northern Ireland.

Armagh Observatory & Planetarium

Armagh Observatory is an astronomical research institution founded in 1790 by the Archbishop of Armagh. The Planetarium opened in 1968 with the intention of widening public understanding of astronomy and earth sciences through shows and displays. 

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