Redecoration allowances

These allowances may be paid to tenants who are required to carry out internal redecoration following rehabilitation/improvement schemes and routine repairs.

Higher rate of redecoration allowance

To qualify for the higher rate of redecoration allowance all of the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • there must be no community-based schemes operating in the area to carry out the redecoration work
  • the applicant must be in financial hardship. i.e. in receipt of a means tested benefit (eg Housing Benefit, Income Support, etc)
  • there is no other able bodied person between 18 and 59 years of age residing in the property (ie a person able to carry out the work on behalf of the tenant)
  • the tenant is considered unable to carry out the work himself or herself ie be 60 years old or over (male or female), and/or have a disability

A person will be deemed to be disabled if he/she is in receipt of a disability linked benefit.

The scales of allowances are:

  Lower rate £  Higher rate £
Living room 95 169
Main bedroom 62 145
Each other bedroom 56 141
Hall only 47 98
Hall, staircase and landing 62 251
Kitchen 56 146
Bathroom 37 91
WC 28 57

The maximum amount that may be claimed is £770.

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