Ulster Architectural Heritage (UAH) Report on Heritage at Risk

Date published: 07 January 2019

A report on the first 20 years of work to tackle heritage at risk in Northern Ireland.


Ulster Architectural Heritage (UAH) has worked in partnership with the Historic Environment Division since 1993 to highlight and tackle heritage at risk. Focus in the early years was on collating information and raising awareness mainly through a series of catalogues and conferences. From 2000, while this work continued, the emphasis changed to working with owners on tailored solutions. In 2004 the catalogue moved on-line and monuments were included for the first time. In 2006 the Division adopted a target to rescue 200 buildings or around 50% of the at risk list by 2016. Despite the economic downturn this was almost achieved with 192 buildings conserved and removed from the list during that period.

The UAH were asked to review the first 20 years of the project and to make recommendations for the future and their report is published below. The Division’s response to the final draft and an update on the work subsequently carried out is also published.

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