Report from the Disability Strategy Expert Advisory Panel

Date published: 05 March 2021

In line with commitments made under ‘New Decade, New Approach’, the Executive has agreed to the development of a suite of Social Inclusion Strategies: Anti-Poverty; Disability; Gender Equality and Sexual Orientation.


The Disability Strategy Expert Advisory Panel was appointed in October 2020 and was tasked with preparing a report setting out key recommendations to Deirdre Hargey, Minister for Communities, about the themes and key actions the Disability Strategy should include and the gaps in provision that it should seek to address.

In March 2021 Minister Hargey said:

"I am pleased to publish the recommendations of the Social Inclusion Strategies Expert Advisory Panels.  The reports set out an ambitious vision for an inclusive and fair society.  Their publication will help inform the development of the Executive’s strategies on Anti-Poverty; Disability; Gender Equality; and Sexual Orientation.

I wish to thank the Expert Panels for their work in providing an independent assessment of the issues that the Strategies should seek to address. 

My Department, in conjunction with colleagues in other departments, will consider their content closely and they will be used to inform the Executive’s consideration of the draft strategies.

The next step will be to consider how we can deliver meaningful change in tackling the inequalities and obstacles that directly affect the everyday lives of many people in our community.  We will continue our community engagement in analysing the recommendations to produce strategies that contain targeted, measurable and resourced actions which are achievable within the strategies timeframe and allocated budgets.

It is my ambition that these Strategies will be drafted with meaningful input from the people they affect most.  As work to develop the Strategies progresses, we will continue to ensure that the people most affected have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their development and delivery."

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