Ministerial Advisory Group for Architecture and the Built Environment: Placemaking Symposium 2017 presentations

Date published: 06 April 2017

The Department’s Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) for Architecture and the Built Environment are champions and advocates for placemaking in Northern Ireland. During the design, development and delivery of places, many and varied people and processes are involved. From developers deciding on uses or commercial viability, architects deliberating density and scale, to public consultation on access and aesthetics, decisions are made and influenced at every single stage of the process.


On Friday 24 March 2017, MAG hosted a symposium which brought together a range of stakeholders to collectively discuss the importance of decision-making for good placemaking. Titled ‘Making Good Decisions: The role of the developer, designer, councillor and citizen,’ it was held at PRONI in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. MAG was delighted to welcome nearly 100 people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, including representatives of 7 of Northern Ireland’s councils, as well as the Scottish and Irish Governments.

The symposium explored placemaking experiences which are diverse, and proven in their quality. The guest speakers came from throughout the UK and Ireland to present and discuss examples from home and abroad, all relevant to Northern Ireland, addressing how we can make the most of the great potential of our current places - and lay the groundwork for those of the future. 

There is a gallery of images from the day available here.

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