MAG Living High Streets - Craft Kit

Date published: 25 March 2022

MAG has co-produced a fresh approach to placemaking that engages local communities in working together on all aspects of their village, town or city.  We call it the Living High Streets initiative, and the expected output from these conversations will be a unique co-designed Framework that is underpinned by local knowledge, agreed priorities for change and practical ways of delivering them.  The process promotes continuity, with local people having a sense of ownership and control over their place, its stewardship and the consequent pride that comes from that. 


The Living High Streets Craft Kit, which you can now access on this page, is set up in two parts:

Part 1: Approach - explains the essential qualities of thriving high streets.  It introduces a Place Change Model and the co-production process to reflect the purpose and meaning each community envisions for their place.

Part 2: Themes and Questions - guides Local Action Groups in co-producing their Living High Streets.  It includes the purpose, outcomes and twenty-one questions with prompts for communities to address. 

The process will enable a series of guided conversations, developing plans and actions to create our sustainable Living High Streets of the future.

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