Historic Environment Fund 2022-23 - screening

Date published: 27 May 2022

Last updated: 27 May 2022

The proposed Historic Environment Fund 2022-23 has been developed by Historic Environment Division (HED) whose aim is ‘to help communities to enjoy and realise the value of the historic environment’. Through heritage protection, this ties into the Department’s overall ‘purpose’ to ‘support people, build communities, and shape places.’

Stimulating and encouraging work by third parties is key to realising this aim and the Historic Environment Fund (HEF) was set up for this purpose in 2016. Each subsequent year it has been divided into four streams; this year funding will be provided to the Repair Stream, Revival Stream, Research Stream and Regeneration Stream.


Exisiting/Revised/New: Revised
Date of Screening: 27/05/2022
Screening Outcome - Full EQIA recommended: No

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