Engagement in culture, arts, heritage and sport by adults in Northern Ireland 2021/22

Date published: 20 October 2022

Headline statistics on engagement in culture, arts, heritage and sport: findings from the 2021/22 Continuous Household Survey.

Note: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, data collection for the 2020/21 survey moved from face-to-face interviewing to telephone mode with a reduction in the number of questions. The results from the CHS 2020/21 are not directly comparable to previous years due to the significant changes to the survey in terms of methodology and content. The output from the survey, in terms of the range and depth of topics covered, has been reduced from that of previous years, with the subsequent capacity for detailed analysis constrained.


The bulletin contains headline statistics on the following topics:

  • participation in arts activities and attendance at arts events
  • use of the public library service
  • visited a museum or science centre
  • visited PRONI
  • visited a place of historic interest
  • participation in sport
  • knowledge of Irish, Ulster-Scots and Sign language
  • volunteering
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