Drumclay Crannog action plan update

Date published: 20 September 2017

Drumclay Crannóg was an artificial island, built in an area of wetland, just outside Enniskillen.


On 25 June 2015 Environment Minister Mark H Durkan published an Action Plan in response to the Review of the Context of the Excavation of the Drumclay Crannóg in County Fermanagh. The plan set out a way forward in regard to the six recommendations of the review. 

A concluding update is now available.

Post excavation work update September 2017:

Post-excavation work is ongoing with a preliminary data-structure report completed. Specialist work on the cataloguing and discussion of the antler and bone, flint, leather, metal, pottery and wooden artefacts has been carried out along with some preliminary work on wood samples and processing of environmental samples. Samples of insects from the site, the faunal assemblage, the lignite, the crucibles and selected alder samples have been made available to post-doctoral, doctoral and masters students respectively with work being carried out at Queens University Belfast and University College Dublin. The recording and conservation of artefacts is ongoing.

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