Development and Archaeology: Guidance on Archaeological Works in the Planning Process

Date published: 12 April 2019

The planning system has a key role in the conservation of our archaeological and built heritage. Appropriate development planning, development management and enforcement, can help to sustain vibrant communities, a strong economy, and realise the ongoing value of our historic environment.


This document sets out guidance on undertaking archaeological works in the planning process in Northern Ireland arising from Historic Environment Division’s advice as a statutory planning consultee and the requirements of planning policy. Various forms of archaeological assessment, evaluation and mitigation works may be required in advance of or during development projects. They may be required during the consideration of a planning application to inform a planning decision, or as a result of planning conditions attached to a planning approval. This guidance is aimed at applicants, agents, developers and archaeological consultants who may be responsible for undertaking such works and aims to encourage consistent processes across Northern Ireland.

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