Personal Independence Payment statistics - changes to published statistics

Date: 29 May 2024

The Northern Ireland PIP figures are updated and published quarterly by the team of Department for Community analysts that produce disability benefit statistics for Northern Ireland. This document lists changes to the PIP published information, including the addition of new statistics and tables, in line with the Department’s revisions policy and in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. This is a working document that will be updated as changes are made or planned. 

PIP was rolled out in Northern Ireland on 20 June 2016 to replace Disability Living Allowance for claimants of working age. This benefit was rolled out in Great Britain in 2013, with teams of analysts in the Department for Work and Pensions producing and providing PIP statistics for England, Scotland and Wales. Due to the gap between operational roll outs of the benefit, and of levels of resources, Northern Ireland PIP statistics and tables can vary from those produced by DWP. Northern Ireland analysts liaise with analysts in DWP and endeavour to address gaps and reduce any variation and to allow wider comparisons to be made between them.

From August 2021, any changes to the published bulletin and supplementary tables that accompany it will be listed below in the ‘Changes Made’ section. Planned additional tables and changes will be detailed in the ‘Planned Changes’ section which includes anticipated time frames for the change to be made.

If you would like to provide feedback on these published statistics and/or any changes made to them, please use the Personal Independence Payment Statistics User Consultation survey or email Analytics Division with the subject ‘PIP Published Statistics’. Links for further methodology information and PIP statistics for Great Britain can be found at the bottom of this page.

Changes made

Date of publication Document Page/Table Change details
29 May 2024 Supplementary Tables All Volume of tables provided has been reduced from 37 to 18.  Changes include:

The removal of extraneous tables and columns to allow relevant information to be clearly presented

Removal of breakdowns for New Claims and Reassessed DLA claims as migration of DLA working age claimants to PIP completed in 2019

Tables containing monthly time-series information have been limited to cover the latest 5 years
29 May 2024 Bulletin All Figures and graphs relating to time-series since the roll out of PIP in 2016 have been limited to data covering the latest 5 years
30 August 2023 Bulletin All HTML web layout has replaced the PDF document from this Publication onwards
31 May 2023 Supplementary Tables All tables Table numbers updated to 1-37.
31 May 2023 Bulletin All All information found in the PDF bulletin is now available in HTML form. PDF is also included in this release
22 February 2023 Supplementary Tables Table 16 Details of award reviews and change of circumstances outcomes
22 February 2023 Supplementary Tables Table 17 Volumes of claimants with different award durations
30 November 2022 Supplementary Tables Table 13a Addition of Table 13a to provide Claims in Payment by Assembly Area and reassessment indicator
30 November 2022 Supplementary Tables   'Special Rules for the Terminally Ill (SRTI)’ terminology has been changed to ‘Special Rules for End of Life (SREL).  From April 2022, the expected end of life time period in the special rules changed from 6 to 12 months
25 May 2022 Supplementary Tables Table 15c Addition of Table 15c to provide clearance time information on Mandatory Reconsiderations to allow comparison with DWP Table 4
25 May 2022 Supplementary Tables Table 15d Addition of Table 15d to provide volume figures and outcome information on Mandatory Reconsiderations to allow comparison with DWP Table 5A
24 November 2021 Supplementary Tables Table 14c Addition of Table 14c to provide award rates by medical condition category
24 November 2021 Bulletin Page 5 Addition of graph of award rates for top 5 medical condition categories
24 November 2021 Bulletin Pages 1, 3 Award Rates figures changed to allow easier comparability. Page 1 now provides both award rates in the current month, Page 3 now provides both award rates from June 2016 to the publication date
25 August 2021 Supplementary Tables Table 6 Addition of Table 6c: to allow comparison with DWP published Table 1A PIP award rates for New Claims
25 August 2021 Bulletin Pages 1, 3 and 6 Overall award rate replaced with award rate for New Claims that have had an assessment to provide more meaningful information

Removal of separate figures for DLA reassessed claims: The migration of claims for working age DLA claimants being reassessed for PIP have now been completed.  Overall award rate is impacted by these claims, new award rate provides comparison with DWP PIP figures and a clearer indication of the PIP benefit award rate
25 August 2021 Bulletin Pages 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Inclusion of text signposting readers to the tables that provide relevant additional information that is available in the published Supplementary Tables document
25 August 2021 Bulletin Page 6 Bar chart of Mandatory Reconsiderations Outcomes changed to reflect overall figures
25 August 2021 Bulletin Pages 5 and 6 Bar charts updated to include % figures to align with narration

Further information

Full details on data quality, methodology and processes used in the production of the Northern Ireland PIP Statistics can be found in the ‘Data Quality and Methodology’ document on the main DfC PIP Statistics web page

The web page of the Department for Work and Pensions PIP statistics for Great Britain can be found here.

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