Introduction to procurement

Part of: Housing Association Guide, Procurement Guide

This Procurement Guide provides the Department’s procurement requirements for all social housing schemes that receive Housing Association Grant (HAG) and / or utilise Disposals Proceeds Funds.

Whilst much of the Guide has a particular focus on the procurement of construction works and services, the requirements of the Guide shall also be applied to all areas of procurement undertaken by the association, for example, the procurement of goods, works and services for property maintenance, disabled adaptations and non-construction goods and services.

The guidance is in ‘summary form’ where possible and includes references and links to other sources of guidance and advice.

Whilst the Procurement Guide provides high level guidance on government procurement policy and guidance, housing associations must ensure effective management of their procurement activities and associated risks and are advised to seek, where necessary, further guidance from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) as Centre of Procurement Expertise (CoPE). 

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