Housing Association Guide Part 5 Appendix 3

Management Agreement Guidance - Introduction

Unlike most Housing Association accommodation - supported housing may not always be managed directly by the Association which owns the property. Associations are responsible for providing efficient and cost effective management in the best interests of tenants, and are accountable for the public funds invested in the scheme. However, within those requirements, they can adopt a variety of management arrangements, including management agreements (see Para 3 below) with other agencies to which part, or all, of management responsibilities can be delegated provided that, ultimately, the responsibility for effective management remains with the developing Association.

There are a number of models - for the management of supported housing and a wide variety of levels of involvement by other agencies. The Department does not wish to direct Associations towards any particular pattern of management, and they are free to choose how schemes will be managed, provided the requirements of this item are met.

Direct Management

Associations are expected - to weigh the benefits of directly managing the scheme against those of entering into a management arrangement. The decision to manage special needs housing should be based on a realistic assessment of the Association's skills, capacities and experience in relation to the needs of the particular client group.

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