Housing Association Guide Amendments 2014-15

Part of: Housing Association Guide, Housing Association Guide - Amendments

This section details the most recent amendments which have been made to the guide.

Amendment No.

Publication Date



15/2014-15 31/12/15 Procurement and Development Scheme Approval, Calculating Grant,
Development and associated procurement approaches
Guide amendments and new table
14/2014-15 24/11/15 Governance Section 2 Board New Determination added
13/2014-15 11/11/15 Finance Finance Reporting - External and Finance Guide Tables Changes to relevant section and revised Tables
12/2014-15 10/07/15  Finance Finance Controls / Disposals proceeds Fund / Reserves  Changes as a result of 2014 Housing SORP 
10/2014-15 17/02/15  Development Forms Revision to Forms 
09/2014-15 22/12/14  Development Design Standards Revised HQI's
08/2014-15 22/12/14  Development Scheme Approval, Design Standards, Calculating Grant Revised guidance added to relevant sections 
07/2014-15 22/12/14  Development / Housing Management Forms - TA1, ALP1, ALP2, NT1, SFN1 & AW1 Revised Forms 
06/2014-15 20/10/14  Finance / Governance / Development Finance Controls / Scheme Approval / Privately Financed Schemes Revised guidance added to relevant sections 
05/2014-15 20/10/14  Development Design Standards New Annex added to ESP/OTS Guidance 
04/2014-15 20/10/14  Development Programme Management Revised changes to Site Registration process 
03/2014-15 20/10/14  Development & Procurement Scheme Approval Changes to the off-the-shelf scheme 
02/2014-15 01/07/14  Development Scheme Approval Revised Consultation details 
01/2014-15 01/07/14  Governance Board Leadership Guide Amendment and New form RHA 2


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