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Tullynakill Church

(near) Tullynakill Road
BT23 6AF


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About Tullynakill Church

Right of the graveyard gate note the low foundations of the later 1825 Church of Ireland parish church (demolished in the late 20th century). The older church is of two periods, the late 15th and the early 17th centuries. It replaced Nendrum (68), in the late 15th century, as the parish church site and, unusually for Ireland, burial was transferred to the new site and Nendrum was abandoned. The 15th-century church had a west door, but the main visible features are of the 17th century, when the building was modernised at that time. The handsome south door, in red Castle Espie limestone, is dated 1639 and of the same period are the windows (all grooved for glass), a two-light east window and three others, the one left of the door surviving particularly well. Although Strangford Lough is not visible, the church is not far from the water and is only 11/2 miles (2.4km) west-north-west of Nendrum monastic site, also in State Care.

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Tullynakill Church
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