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Struell Bath Houses & Wells

Ardglass Road
BT30 6RA

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Yes, entry is free (Sometimes public access is restricted due to works for example. Check before you visit)

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DOW 038:002

About Struell Bath Houses & Wells

This is an early site, likely pre 1000AD, with strong associations with St. Patrick, although the buildings that you see date from much later. It was built around a stream flowing through a secluded valley. You can see a mid-18th century church, apparently never finished, likely on the site of the earlier church building or series of buildings.  The waters were believed to have curative powers.  The site also contains two bath houses, one for men and one for women, and two roofed wells, all fed by the stream.  It was a popular place of pilgrimage from the 1600s until the 1840s.

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Struell Bath Houses & Wells
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