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Sketrick Island
BT23 6QH

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Yes, entry is free (Sometimes public access is restricted due to works for example. Check before you visit)

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About Sketrick Castle

A castle here is mentioned in written sources as involved in warfare in 1470, so a mid 15th-century date has been suggested, but the present large tower house is probably later, perhaps built in the 16th century on earlier foundations. It was actively involved in 16th-century warfare but stood fairly complete until 1896, when about half collapsed in a storm. It was four storeys high. The door in the east wall was defended by a murder-hole. There were four chambers at ground floor level, the largest with a vault built on wicker centring and two ovens. The central space was a boat bay or storeroom, as at Mahee Castle, and the small, unlighted room could have been a lock-up or a treasury. The upper floors are badly ruined but the joist-holes for the wooden floors can be seen. Part of the bawn wall survives to north and east and there is a lintelled channel from the bawn under the wall to a freshwater spring, rising in a small chamber with a corbelled vault.

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Sketrick Castle
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