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Olderfleet Castle

Coastguard Road
BT40 1AY

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Yes, entry is free (Sometimes public access is restricted due to works for example. Check before you visit)

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ANT 040:040

About Olderfleet Castle

On the shore of Larne harbour on the tongue of land called the Curran, now in built-up surroundings but once much more open to the sea. In several late 16th- and early 17th-century maps the waterway here is called Olderfleet Haven, but three castles are recorded around the harbour, Coraine, Tchevet and Olderfleete. From its position this ruin is likely to be Coraine, the other two having disappeared. The square, four-storey tower, badly ruined on the south, has pairs of double-splayed gun loops in the basement and may have been a defended warehouse as well as  controlling access to the harbour. There are no closely datable features but a 16th century date is likely.

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Olderfleet Castle
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