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Mill Loughan Mound

Loughan Road
BT52 1UF


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Yes, entry is free (Sometimes public access is restricted due to works for example. Check before you visit)

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About Mill Loughan Mound

This fine mound stands on a height above the Bann valley, watching over this important route. This may be a motte of the Anglo-Norman invasion period (late 12th or early 13th century), but its profile is markedly rounded and without excavation it is impossible to be sure of its date. The mound is about 3.75m high and there is a surrounding ditch about 4m wide. Traces of an external bank survive on the west, south and east, but there is no sign of a claimed ‘bailey’. This mound is in an area with several medieval monuments, including a church.  The early church site of Camus is just across the river.

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Mill Loughan Mound
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