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(near) Lissue Industrial Estate
BT28 2XF


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About Lissue Rath

The surroundings of the site are greatly altered as it is now surrounded by an industrial estate. Excavation by Professor Gerhart Bersu in 1946–1947 showed that the circular banked and ditched enclosure, superficially unimpressive, was a complex Early Christian farmstead. Its diameter is big, at about 60m, and excavation showed that the present site had been preceded by a smaller enclosure. Its wet ditch produced many organic finds, including wooden bowls and a churn. The second earthwork, the one now visible, had three phases and in each the whole interior was occupied by a single, huge building with a central hearth. Nothing like this has been found elsewhere and it has been suggested that it was a royal site.

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Lissue Rath
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