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Knockmany Passage Grave: Annia’s Cove

Knockmany Road
BT76 0XJ

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About Knockmany Passage Grave: Annia’s Cove

This a passage tomb of the Neolithic period (4000-2500BC).  Excavation showed that a stone cairn capped with earth within a stone revetment originally covered the burial chamber. The passage element of the ‘classic’ passage tomb is absent but several of the stones forming the chamber are decorated with characteristic passage tomb art, including circles, spirals and zigzags. The artwork on the stones represent some of the finest examples of this in Ulster. 

The current modern, domed covering, glass lantern and entrance arrangement were put in place in the mid-20th century as a response to repeated vandalism of the stones of the tomb. There is exterior access to the mound at all times, and a general view of the stones is possible through the gate of the chamber. There are very fine and extensive views of the Clogher valley from the mound.

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Knockmany Passage Grave: Annia’s Cove
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