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Hillsborough: Richhill Gates

Hillsborough Castle
The Square
Royal Hillsborough
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About Hillsborough: Richhill Gates

Facing the Courthouse at the entrance to Hillsborough Castle, moved from Richhill House, Co. Armagh, in 1936. These fine wrought iron gates and screen were made probably by Cornish immigrants to Armagh, the Thornberry brothers of Falmouth, and were set up at Richhill in 1745. Areas of plain railings are contrasted with exuberantly decorated panels, with an ‘overthrow’ bearing a coat of arms. The gates were repaired in 1936 and a further major renovation was completed in 1976. Hillsborough Castle, seen through the gates, was built by the Earl of Hillsborough in about 1760, but has been greatly enlarged and altered. Its extensive landscaped grounds contribute to the special atmosphere of Hillsborough, which is a conservation area.

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Hillsborough: Richhill Gates
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