Grey Point Fort

Fort Road
Helen's Bay
BT19 1PU

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About Grey Point Fort

Grey Point Fort is one of the best preserved early 20th century coastal forts anywhere in the British Isles.

Situated in Helen's Bay, Grey Point Fort houses a most unusual hands-on military museum. It also hosts a number of special commemorative events during the year.

The Fort was completed in 1907 with at its heart two massive six inch diameter guns which commanded the entrance to Belfast Lough. While a key part of Belfast’s defences against naval attack, it proved of limited value during the German air attacks on the city in 1941. There are still two magnificent 23 feet long guns.

Visitors can also see the original observation post and three searchlight positions. Volunteers have created a museum of military memorabilia, including medals, uniforms, photographs and weaponry.


A short guide to the layout and history of Grey Point Fort:

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Grey Point Fort
Grey Point Fort
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