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About Dungiven Priory

Replacing an earlier church, this 12th century Augustinian priory is closely associated with the O'Cahan's, who by the late Middle Ages, appear to have had a castle built on the site.  Within the chancel of the church, is a 15th-century tomb of Cooey-na-Gall O'Cahan, an O'Cahan chief, who died in 1385.  The gallowglasses, Scottish mercenaries, carved on the tomb, suggest that it may have been carved by a western Scottish craftsman.  The buildings were remodelled in the 17th century, when it became the site of Sir Edward Doddington's grand house and bawn.  This house is no longer visible above ground, however archaeological excavations in 1982 uncovered foundations of the complex.  This site was therefore the location for multi-period use.

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Dungiven Priory
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