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About Cowd Castle

Cowd Castle belongs to an important group of tower houses in the medieval port of Ardglass. Downhill is the Ardglass Castle complex, incorporating an important medieval warehouse range, and uphill is Margaret’s Castle, partly masked by a house. Cowd is a small squarish tower of the 15th or 16th century, viewable only from the outside. It is built of split stone rubble and has a battered base. Inside are two floors and an attic, with a wall-walk above, originally providing the only access to the tower. There are narrow loops on the ground floor and two windows with window-seats on the first floor. Originally this tower was linked to the town wall and access to the floors below was by stairs attached to the wall thickness. The door in the west wall at ground floor level was inserted later. It cuts through one of the stairs in the wall.

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Cowd Castle
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