Carrickfergus Gasworks

44 Irish Quarter West
BT38 8AT

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ANT 052:500

About Carrickfergus Gasworks

Carrickfergus Gasworks in Carrickfergus is Ireland's sole surviving coal gasworks and is one of the only three left in Great Britain and Ireland. Opened in 1855, it supplied Carrickfergus with gas made from coal for over 100 years. Gas was produced until 1967 and the works closed in 1987. The site has been fully restored by Carrickfergus Gasworks Preservation Society and is now open as a visitor and educational attraction.

This museum gives visitors the opportunity to see one of Europe's largest surviving set of horizontal retorts (in which the gas was made), and ascend the gasholder for panoramic views of the town. Carrickfergus Gasworks also has an extensive collection of gas appliances and a library on the gas industry. There are also toilets and a shop.

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Carrickfergus Gasworks
Carrickfergus Gasworks
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