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Brackfield Bawn or Crossalt

(near) Claudy
BT47 3EY


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Yes, entry is free (Sometimes public access is restricted due to works for example. Check before you visit)

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LDY 023:014

About Brackfield Bawn or Crossalt

The bawn, sited on a hillslope, commands the ancient east-west route to Londonderry, close to the Faughan River. It was built soon after 1611 by
Sir Edward Doddington on land granted to the Skinners’ Company and is shown in the drawing by Thomas Raven illustrating the 1622 survey compiled by Sir Thomas Phillips. The walled bawn is square with egg-shaped flanker towers at opposite (north-west and south-east) corners. The house along the south wall was 6m wide and its fireplaces can be seen, projecting beyond the line of the south wall. Excavation in 1983 confirmed the area of the house but little other information survived. There are gun-loops in the flankers.

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Brackfield Bawn or Crossalt
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