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Beaghmore Stone Circles

Blackrock Road
BT80 9PB

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Yes, entry is free (Sometimes public access is restricted due to works for example. Check before you visit)

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TYR 020:004

About Beaghmore Stone Circles

Beaghmore Stone Circles were discovered during peat cutting in the 1940s. The site consists of seven stone circles. All of the rings are associated with cairns and a stone row runs towards these cairns.

It is possible that Neolithic occupation and cultivation preceded the erection of burial cairns and ceremonial circles and alignments: some irregular lines and heaps of boulders resembling field-fences or field-clearance may predate the ritual structures. At some stage peat started to form over the site, and it may conceivably be that the cairns and rows were erected in a futile propitiatory attempt to restore fertility to the soil by attracting back the fading sun.

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Beaghmore Stone Circles
Beaghmore Stone Circles
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