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Ballywholan Portal Tomb: Carnfadrig

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About Ballywholan Portal Tomb: Carnfadrig

At the east end of a long, narrow, rectangular cairn is a large chamber made of three stones, entered between two portal stones (one leaning at an angle) and over a sill. At the west end are two chambers, set back-to-back and running north-south. Other settings of stones within the cairn are puzzling. They have been claimed to be further chambers, but the cairn is much disturbed and they may be the mutilated remains of structural features. This monument can be classified as a portal tomb, with subsidiary chambers. Like Carnagat, this cairn was partly excavated in 1897, when burned and unburned bone, pottery and flint implements were found. The name, Carnfadrig or Carnpatrick, comes from a traditional association with St Patrick, who was believed to have travelled along this valley from Armagh to visit St MacCairthinn at Clogher.

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Ballywholan Portal Tomb: Carnfadrig
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