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Ballygroll Prehistoric Landscape

Ervey Road
BT47 3EY


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About Ballygroll Prehistoric Landscape

A remarkable complex of prehistoric stone monuments survives, partly still covered by peat, on the summit of a high, sandy ridge. The features include at least the following: a court tomb (furthest north) with a disturbed, cup-marked capstone, several wedge tombs, two stone circles, several cairns, and many stretches of stone field walls. The date of the walls is uncertain (possibly Iron Age), but the megalithic monuments extend from the Neolithic period into the Bronze Age. Excavation was done in 1978–1979 on a barrow and a field wall in the context of land reclamation. An area of 11 acres is in state care, but this is only a small part of the prehistoric landscape on the south and west flanks of Loughermore Mountain, recorded since the 1830s but now largely swept away by agricultural reclamation.

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Ballygroll Prehistoric Landscape
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