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Audleystown Cairn

Audleystown Road
BT30 7LS


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Yes, entry is free (Sometimes public access is restricted due to works for example. Check before you visit)

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DOW 031:007

About Audleystown Cairn

Dual court tomb, discovered in 1946 and excavated in 1952. The trapezoidal long cairn, its sides revetted with neat drystone walling (partly restored), has a shallow forecourt at each end opening into four-chambered galleries. Traces of the corbelled stone roof were found. Excavation uncovered burial deposits in most, but not all, of the chambers, including burned and unburned human bones, animal bones, pottery sherds and flint implements. The human remains represented about 34 individuals, male and female adults and children.

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Audleystown Cairn
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