Governance Guide - Section 3 - Monitoring

Part of: Housing Association Guide, Governance Guide

The board must closely monitor the activities of the association through analysing information it receives from the various sections.


The Board needs to determine what information it receives, when it receives it, in what format and depth of detail to enable it to make informed decisions.  This would include information such as:

Financial monitoring
Management accounts | Budgets | Cash flow projections | Performance Indicator reports

For more information see the Finance Guide

Housing management monitoring
Allocations | Voids | Rent Arrears | Complaints etc

For more information see the Housing Management Guide

Property Developments
Progress updates for schemes – acquisitions, start on sites, completions | Progress updates for advance land purchases

For more information see the Development Guide

Property Maintenance
Progress on planned maintenance | Progress on cyclical maintenance | Updates on response maintenance | Adaptations | Stock condition surveys

For more information see the Housing Maintenance Guide

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