Consultation on proposed change to the frequency of DfC statistical publication

Consultation opened on 11 July 2016. Closing date 16 September 2016.


Analytical Services Unit (ASU) of the Department for Communities (DfC) is consulting on a proposal to reduce the frequency of Creative Industries Economic Estimates from an annual to a triennial publication.


Consultation description

Analytical Services Unit (ASU) provides the Department for Communities (DfC) with a professional service covering statistics, management information, research and analysis. This work informs policy, planning and decision making in the areas of social security, child maintenance and pensions, as well as housing, urban regeneration, culture, arts and leisure, community development and voluntary activity.  Statistics and research produced by ASU can be accessed from the statistics and research section of the DfC website.

The Creative Industries Economic Estimates are official statistics used to measure the direct economic contribution of the Creative Industries to the NI economy.  The publication provides information on the contribution made by the Creative Industries to NI employment and gross value added (GVA), as well as the number of businesses in the Creative Industries sector in Northern Ireland.  The statistics are produced from three data sources maintained by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, namely the Labour Force Survey, the Annual Business Inquiry and the Inter-departmental Business Register.

Due to resource constraints within ASU, it is proposed that the frequency of the release of the Creative Industries Economic Estimates is reduced from an annual to a triennial publication.

This publication is designated as official statistics and is governed by the Statistics and Registration Services Act 2007 and the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.  Within the code, the protocol on user engagement recommends that all changes to official statistics be subjected to a public consultation.  In compliance with this protocol, the Department is carrying out this consultation.  

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