Consultation on the McCloud Remedy in the Local Government Pension Scheme (Northern Ireland) - Supplementary issues and draft regulations

Consultation opened on 27 July 2023. Closing date 01 September 2023.


This consultation seeks views on changes to the Local Government Pension Scheme in Northern Ireland (LGPS (NI)). Following a consultation in 2020/21 to remove unlawful discrimination found by the Courts in the ‘McCloud’ case. We are now seeking further views on issues relating to the McCloud remedy. We are also seeking views on draft scheme regulations which would implement the remedy.


Consultation description

In LGPS (NI) we are addressing the McCloud discrimination by extending ‘underpin’ protection to the younger members of the scheme the courts found had been treated unlawfully.  In the LGPS (NI), the underpin had been the means through which transitional protection was provided to older members.

In this consultation we seek views on specific issues regarding the remedy and welcome responses from across the LGPS (NI) community on these issues.  Some points are issues we covered in our 2020/21 consultation, where we want to obtain further views before making final decisions (for example, aggregation and flexible retirement).  Others are issues for the LGPS (NI) that we have not previously consulted on (for example, compensation and interest).

Synopsis of Responses and the Department’s response was published on 11 June 2024.

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