Call for evidence: fundamental rights

Consultation opened on 21 October 2013. Closing date 13 January 2014.


As part of the Review of the Balance of Competences between the EU and the UK, the Ministry of Justice has issued a call for evidence : Fundamental rights inviting interested parties to submit comments as part of the review process.


Consultation description

In Northern Ireland the subject matter of the call for evidence falls largely within the responsibility of the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, however, the Department’s stakeholders may have an interest.

Fundamental rights are protections or guarantees for individuals, organisations and businesses that are built into the EU’s legal framework, for example freedom of expression and freedom to pursue a trade or profession. Some fundamental rights are referred to in other contexts as human rights, but these are not always directly comparable. EU fundamental rights constrain what the EU and, in certain circumstances, its Member States can do. EU fundamental rights sit alongside the UK’s other international human rights obligations.

The Call for Evidence seeks views on how EU Competence is used and what that means for individuals and groups with an interest or experience in these areas. Evidence received will inform reports on the current Balance of Competences in the area of EU Fundamental Rights and what it means for both national and local interests. 

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