Assembly Written Questions (AQWs) quarterly statistics

The Department commenced publication of its statistics on Assembly Written Questions (AQWs) on a quarterly basis, in January 2021.

Assembly Questions are tabled by MLAs and used as a tool to provide information and report on matters within the relevant Minister’s remit. The questions and answers are made available to the public via the NI Assembly website. This is simple data and does not reflect the context in which the answers are compiled, e.g. many AQWs are complex in nature and require input from Arm’s Length Bodies and partners across government. In those circumstances, it is not always possible to meet the required deadlines set by the Assembly to ensure that a full and accurate answer is provided.

January - April 2021

  All Written AQWs
Month Total On Time
January 189 139
February 216 179
March 149 102
April 125 65
Total 679 485

September - December 2020

  All Written AQWs
Month Total On Time
September 249 155
October 203 129
November 247 170
December 170 148
Total 869 602


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