NI PIP Handbook - Access to other benefits and services

Part of: Northern Ireland PIP Handbook

Entitlement to PIP provides a gateway or passport to other benefits, such as Carer’s Allowance and schemes sponsored by other Departments such as the Blue Badge Scheme.

For many benefits and schemes there are additional qualifying conditions. For some schemes, such as Blue Badge, there are alternative ways of accessing the scheme that do not rely on a particular rate or component of PIP.

For social security benefits and Housing Benefit we share information to enable claimants to automatically access other disability benefits and services.

However, claimants should inform other benefit offices about their entitlement to make sure they are paid the correct amounts, particularly if there are any changes in their circumstances and awards. In most cases, claimants will need to use their PIP award letter as proof of entitlement.

(All references to a disabled child or disabled children made for passporting purposes apply only to a qualifying young person aged 16 or over because PIP is not available to children under the age of 16.)

Carers may be able to claim Income Support (including for up to 26 weeks while the PIP claim is being assessed). Many carers may continue claiming Income Support after PIP is awarded.

An award of PIP may enable claimants to access means-tested benefits even if they have previously been told they are not entitled to do so. Claimants should seek advice if in doubt.

It may be possible to backdate passported benefits to the start of the PIP award.

Where to get more information about social security benefits and schemes

Veterans Agency

Vehicles and associated schemes

Department for Infrastructure

Other financial help for disabled people

It is up to other Departments and providers of schemes / benefits to decide how to treat any award of PIP.

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