NI Child Maintenance Outreach Service

The role of the outreach service is to promote awareness of the Northern Ireland Child Maintenance Service, improve relationships and communications with MLAs, MPs and stakeholder groups and improve service to clients and ultimately get money to more children.

Outreach services

The outreach team delivers a range of services including:

  • responding to general or case specific queries within 48 hours
  • resolve queries before they become a complaint
  • interviews with clients
  • liaison between CMS staff and MLA / MP offices
  • deliver presentations to stakeholder groups


There are many organisations that work alongside child maintenance to provide our customers with the appropriate support they need. This may relate to family support, financial advice, benefits, legal advice or health matters. The outreach team is available to visit any of these groups to discuss child maintenance procedures.

You can email the outreach service at

This email address is only available to MP / MLA Offices and Advisory groups. We cannot respond to general customer queries.

Further information

Child Maintenance Choices

Child Maintenance Choices is a service provided by the Child Maintenance Service. They provide impartial information and guidance about all the different child maintenance options available to help parents make informed choices about child maintenance.

You can contact Choices on 0800 0287439 or visit their website.

Please note, if a receiving parent, (that is the parent who has day-to-day care of the child or children) is in receipt of benefits, claiming child maintenance has no effect on their benefit entitlement.

Make the Call

The aim of the Make the Call Wraparound Service is to ensure that every individual and household across Northern Ireland is receiving all the social security benefits and other supports and services to which they and their families are entitled.

You can contact Make the Call on 0800 232 1271 or visit their website.

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