Evaluation of Neighbourhood Renewal

When the People and Place Strategy was published in 2003 a commitment was given to carry out and publish an interim and final evaluation. An interim evaluation of Neighbourhood Renewal programme was carried out in 2010/11 and a final review in late 2014.

Neighbourhood Renewal - People and Place

In June 2003, Government launched Neighbourhood Renewal - People and Place.  Neighbourhoods in the most deprived 10 per cent of wards across Northern Ireland were identified resulting in 36 areas being targeted for intervention.

Neighbourhood Renewal mid-term review

The Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy - Mid-Term Review took place in 2010/11 and determined the extent to which the policy was meeting its objectives.  

Neighbourhood Renewal final review

The Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy – Final Review was carried out independently by RSM McClure Watters in late 2014. It gives an assessment of the delivery model, overall impact and the lessons learned.
This is important particularly for the Councils as they take forward their plans and policies for tackling deprivation through Community Planning.  


If you have any queries please contact Neighbourhood Renewal Unit.

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