Compensation recovery information for compensators

If you have received a claim for compensation there are details we will need to know. This page details your responsibilities, our responsibilities and the legislation under which we operate.

Your responsibilities

When you receive a claim for compensation, you must send a CRS1 Form to us within 14 days. This does not mean that you have accepted any liability for the accident, injury or disease. All claims must be notified to us even if the claim is repudiated or it is settled quickly via third party capture.

If you do not have a Certificate when you are ready to settle the claim, you must apply for one.

Once a claim has settled, you must notify us and pay the amount specified on the Certificate within 14 days of making payment to the Injured Person.

You can use the Compensation Recovery Scheme Update Template to request a certificate or notify us of settlement details.

A full overview of our schemes can be found in our Leaflet Z1, Recovery of benefits and health service charges - A guide for companies and solicitors.

Our responsibilities

A Certificate specifies the total amount of recoverable benefits and or lump sum payments. In the case of recoverable benefits and lump sum payments, you become liable to pay us immediately before you pay any compensation payment.

We will send you a Certificate where you have asked for one and the required mandatory information has been provided. If you have not requested a Certificate we will send Form CRS4 to use when applying for a Certificate or a Certificate of Health Service Charges.

A Certificate of Health Service charges will be sent separately.

Legislation states that the Certificate must be issued within 28 days of receiving the request.

We will action any review requests as soon as possible after all relevant information has been provided.

We will answer any enquiries you make as soon as possible. If you have a query, please contact us on 0800 587 2980

If you fail to make any payment due, we will take steps to recover the outstanding debt including referral to the Department's Corporate Debt Control Unit (CDCU). If CDCU are unsuccessful in their attempt to recover the debt they may, in turn, refer the debt to a private sector debt collection company for action.

For enquiries regarding CDCU, please contact 0800 587 2981.

Notifying Compensation Recovery Scheme On-Line

Compensators can now send on-line notifications of compensation claims directly to us. This service is provided through the Claims Underwriting Exchange Personal Injury Database  [external link]  (CUE PI)

CUE PI is a UK wide secure database of personal injury/industrial illness claims and includes claims previously held on the NI database - NIPAR. Any claim which is submitted to us at the Compensation Recovery Scheme is held on the database as well as claims from individuals resident abroad (who do not need to notify us).

The information on the database is provided by insurers and other compensators who are members of Insurance Database Services Ltd (IDSL). IDSL manages three claims databases on behalf of its members - CUE PI, CUE Motor and CUE Home.

All claims for compensation arising out of injury or industrial illness are held on the CUE PI database. Each record on the database relates to a single claimant. The CUE PI database can be searched at any time to provide the claims history of the individual. No claim settlements are shown on CUE PI as the purpose of the database is to show all claims and which type of injury/illness have occurred to the individual.

The benefits of the database are:

  • claims management - Identification of previous related claims
  • potential fraud - Identification of patterns of similar claims against other insurers/compensators
  • convenience - Easy search for related claims
  • efficiency - Desktop access means less paper
  • benefit to the Compensation Recover Scheme - can create notification form (CRS1) to send to us

There is also the facility to allow us to issue acknowledgements and certificates on-line.

The system allows users to:

  • add claims to the database (when claims are added the system automatically searches for related claims)
  • submit the CRS1 electronically to Compensation Recovery Unit in GB and the Compensation Recovery  Scheme in Northern Ireland
  • update CUE PI records (for example, finding an additional previous address)
  • request certificates/statements (CRU100/300)
  • receive certificates (CRU100)
  • advise CRU when a case has settled (CRU102)
  • make ad hoc enquiries (it would allow a search to be carried out on a witness to ensure that there are no previous claims involving the witness and the claimant)

You can get access to this database by contacting IDSL, which is a not for profit company set up by insurers to allow data to be shared between them. Membership is open to all authorised insurers in UK, Lloyd's syndicates and compensators. To discuss membership please contact:

Melanie Riddiford  |  Elizabeth Stewart  |  Louise Malthouse
Service Delivery Managers
Linford Wood House
6-12 Capital Drive
Milton Keynes
MK14 6XT

Telephone: 07730 517 631

email:  |  |


Our staff can give short presentations about our role to interested parties at your location. If you would like to discuss this service please contact us on 028 9054 5890.

The Law

We operate primarily under the following legislation:

  • The Social Security (Recovery of Benefits) (Northern Ireland) Order 1997
  • The Health and Personal Social Services Act (NI) 2001 (Part 2)
  • The Recovery of Health Services Charges (NI) Order 2006

All the relevant legislation can be found on The National Archives website Northern Ireland Legislation
If you need advice or assistance on any matters relating to compensation recovery, please contact Compensation Recovery Scheme.

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