Today there are almost 850 million people aged over 60 worldwide. Evidence shows that the population of this age group is projected to increase to over two billion by 2050. Our population locally is following this global trend.

Active Ageing Strategy 2016-21

The Executive has a Strategy to enable more people to enjoy longer longer, healthy and active lives in the future, whilst ensuring that appropriate support is there for those who need it. 

The purpose of the Strategy is to transform attitudes to, and services for, older people.  As this is a Strategy of the NI Executive, all Ministers are committed to its delivery and so it will help provide direction for departments’ policies, make connections between strategies and lead to the improvement of services for older people.  It will increase the understanding of the issues affecting older people and promote an emphasis on rights, value and contribution as opposed to needs, costs and burden.

You can download the Strategy via the link below:

Alternative formats of the Strategy can be made available on request and you should forward any such requests to the Inclusion and Social Change team.

The Active Ageing Strategy Consultation Analysis Report can be downloaded via the link below:

Consultation on indicators for the Active Ageing Strategy 2016-2021

To monitor and evaluate progress against the outcomes included in the Active Ageing Strategy 2016-2021 OFMDFM, following feedback from stakeholders, developed a draft set of indicators. 

The consultation document with a list of the draft set of indicators can be found via the link below.

The consultation period ended on 23 May 2014, however you can still access the consultation document via the link below:

Active Ageing Strategy 2014 - 2020 - Consultation document (including Action Plan and Equality Screening Document)

Following the consultation period, a final set of indicators will be prepared taking into account comments and feedback from the consultation process. Once finalised, this set of indicators will be used to demonstrate progress under each outcome and will be the main method we will use to measure the effects of implementation of the Strategy.

Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland

The Department for Communities has sponsorship responsibility for the Commissioner for Older People. Our oversight duties include approval of corporate plans, annual business planning and budgets, monitoring the Commissioner’s expenditure and performance against business targets. We also advise the Commissioner on Government policies and procedures relating to Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) and other matters which may affect it. The Commissioner is appointed by The First and deputy First Minister.

For more information you can visit the Commissioner's website below:

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