Urban regeneration community development (URCD) policy framework


This policy framework sets out the department's policy objectives for urban regeneration and community development in Northern Ireland for at least the next decade.  It provides a clear strategic direction and will inform its partners in central and local government and in the voluntary and community sector.


The Urban Regeneration and Community Development Policy Framework gives an overarching structure to the department's urban regeneration and community development activity.  We need this policy framework to make sure that when we take action we have a good reason to do it and that we can measure our activity and be held accountable for what we do.

We must be able to show that when we carry out urban regeneration and community development that there are outcomes that contribute to:

  • our key priorities
  • the mission statement “Together, tackling disadvantage, building sustainable communities” 
  • our vision “Helping people change their lives for the better”

This is important not only because of the major changes in the global economy but also the reform of local government in 2016 when councils will be given a greater role in regeneration and community development.  

This policy framework will shape the way that regeneration and support for the voluntary and community sector are delivered in Northern Ireland in the future.

Main points of the framework

The policy framework contains four main policy objectives:

  • tackling area-based deprivation
  • making towns and cities more competitive
  • linking up areas of need and areas of opportunity
  • developing more connected and engaged communities

The policy framework also contains four supporting actions which will help create a more conducive policy and financial environment in which regeneration and community development will operate.

A logic model is outlined in the policy framework which has an outcomes-focused approach. This means that plans are made with their ultimate goals in mind, looking at the difference they want to make - not just the activities that are seeking funding.  Any urban regeneration and community development activity must have clear results and must benefit the community.

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