Reform of local government


The Department's urban regeneration and community development powers and budgets were due to be conferred on local councils from 1 April 2016, but this will not now go ahead.

Why has the Reform of Local Government not happened?

In April 2016 operational responsibility for Urban Regeneration and Community Development was due to transfer from the Department for Social Development (DSD) to Local Government.  However the DSD Minister at that time decided that in consideration of unresolved policy issues which had slowed down the passage of the Regeneration Bill*, and given the impending establishment of the new Government Departments, it would be best to delay the transfer until such time as the Northern Ireland Executive decided if and when the transfer should proceed.

* the legislation needed to extend regeneration powers to Local Government

What happens next?

Now that lead responsibility for urban regeneration and community development is included within the remit of the Department for Communities, this Department will lead on these areas until such time as the Executive decides if, and when, some or all of these responsibilities would best be delivered at a local level.

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