Statistical Note - Family Resources Survey Grossing Review 2014

Date: 4 November 2014

FRS Grossing Review 2014

  1. The Family Resources Survey (FRS) grossing methodology has been revised following a review and has been updated to take account of information from the 2011 Census. Corresponding changes have been made to the Households Below Average Income (HBAI) grossing regime.
  2. The back series data has also been revised to reflect the 2011 census information, through using (2011 census based) mid-year estimates.
  3. Although estimates using the revised grossing regime may not match what has been previously published, a comparative analysis of data from 2002/03 to 2011/12 shows that the methodological revisions had minor effects on FRS and HBAI estimates. The update to the use of 2011 Census based figures has a small effect on most estimates without significantly altering trends over time.
  4. Other data sources used for FRS grossing, including estimates of number of households and tenure breakdown, have been updated as far as possible to reflect the 2011 Census results.
  5. The 2012/13 FRS dataset and annual report, together with related datasets and publications will use the new grossing regime.  Further, any subsequent analysis on time series data will use the new grossing regime as this is more up-to-date and more representative of the Northern Ireland population.
  6. A revised back series of FRS and HBAI datasets, including the new grossing factors are available at the UK Data Service.
  7. The new grossing factors should be used for all analysis and comparisons within and between FRS and HBAI survey years. 
  8. It will not be possible to publish revised figures for all previous FRS reports due to the substantial resource that this would require.  However, if users require any historic time series estimates using the new grossing regime, these can be made available on request to Analytical Services Unit. 
  9. A more detailed account of the grossing review is available.
  10. For further information please contact
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