Start On Site Stage for Band 3

Financial tranches will be released once main building contract is awarded or on 'Works Only' when theres confirmation of land/property ownership.

Start-on-Site Stage (Grant Application) - As soon as the main building contract has been awarded and the contractor has taken possession of site, the Association should make application for the Start-on-Site Tranche as detailed below. 

More information on the Grant Timetable

Note: These Start on Site stage conditions apply to Band 3 schemes. (Bands 1, 2 & 4 do not have a start on site stage for payments). See Table 7: Start On Site Stage Bands 3 for details.

Distinct Grant Requirements

Grant for Works Only - The first Tranche of grant will be made available at Start on Site stage. Since no acquisition is involved in Works Only the Association will be able to move ahead quickly to develop the site/property. The Association will be required to make additional certifications at Start on Site stage, confirming that the land/property in its ownership offers good title and that no legal obstacle impedes development. 

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