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Report of The Department's Review of Sport NI

Published 04 March 2013Corporate reports

You should read this booklet if you are the landlord or tenant of a tenancy which began before 1 April 2007 where the property was built before 1956.

Published 04 March 2013Guidance literature

Top tips for tenants living the the private sector.

Published 04 March 2013Guidance literature

This report is on the outworking of the Child Poverty Strategy, that were set out and the steps that have been taken to deliver on that commitment.

Published 01 March 2013Policy papers

This report contains findings from research carried out to  measure the performance of the Child Maintenance Enforcement Division against its primary objective, that is: to promote and secure effective maintenance arrangements for those children who live apart f

Published 28 February 2013Statistical reports

The Executive is committed to delivering on the requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Published 27 February 2013Policy papers

The third progress report by the Sport Matters Implementation Group for the period October 2011 to September 2012.

Published 12 February 2013Policy papers

The South East Coast masterplan will provide guidance on the future strategic development of the South East Coast as well as specific guidance on the location and form of development in the Town Centres of Newcastle, Kilkeel and Warrenpoint over the next 20 years.

Published 07 February 2013Development plan/framework

A register of listed buildings where work was scheduled to be carried out in 2013.

Published 06 February 2013Lists and registers

Information from the twenty eighth meeting of the interdepartmental charter implementation group held on Thursday 5 July 2012.

Published 31 January 2013Agendas and minutes

The Clarification of Faith Based Memo details the definition of Faith Based organisations for the purpose of Neighbourhood Renewal. 

Published 28 January 2013Guidance literature

A short guide to the layout and history of Grey Point Fort

Published 09 January 2013Guidance literature

The Department collects information on social housing stock owned by Registered Housing Associations. Data gathered is used to produce specific Performance Indicators for 2013 to 2014.

Published 01 January 2013Policy papers

Ministerial Advisory Group for Architecture and the Built Environment response to the DSD Consultation - Housing Strategy for NI 2012-2017.

Published 31 December 2012Consultation reports

HB memos contain further guidance on the interpretation of legislation to Housing Benefit and should be read in conjunction with the Housing Benefit Decision Makers Guide.

Published 20 December 2012Guidance literature

The Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership Code of Practice and Guiding Principles document sets out the key principles which will underpin the roles and responsibilities of those involved through the partnerships in the delivery of Neighbourhood Renewal, to ensure the effective us

Published 18 December 2012Guidance literature

As detailed within the Code of Practice each Partnership may establish a number of Sub Groups which should be developed around the four strategic objectives of the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy.

Published 18 December 2012Guidance literature

The Material Consideration Memo provides additional information on how compliance with the code of practice is to be a material consideration in the Department’s appraisal of project applications.

Published 18 December 2012Guidance literature

The Membership of Partnerships and Effective Linkages Memo provides additional information on appointments to partnerships by open, transparent and inclusive means and demonstrating effective linkages through other means where representation of a sector has not been possible.

Published 18 December 2012Guidance literature

This manual offers guidance on the administration of local housing allowance in Housing Benefit. It provides information and guidance about all aspects of the local housing allowance scheme and the legal requirements that the Executive must adhere to.

Published 07 December 2012Policy papers

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