The Universal Credit (Coronavirus) (Restoration of the Minimum Income Floor) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2021 - screening

Date published: 21 July 2021

The aim of this policy change is to support economic recovery by ensuring self-employed claimants have the support they need to restart their businesses. It will therefore provide for the reintroduction of Gainful Self-Employment (GSE) tests and the Minimum Income Floor (MIF) while allowing the current easements to be continued in appropriate cases. With the re-introduction of the MIF some self-employed claimants may experience a reduction in their total payable rate of Universal Credit (UC).

No claimant should be worse off financially than they were prior to the suspension of the MIF or would have been had the suspension not been introduced. This policy extends the current relaxation of these provisions, where appropriate, from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022


Exisiting/Revised/New: New
Date of Screening: 20/07/2021
Screening Outcome - Full EQIA recommended: No


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