Statistical Bulletins for Child Maintenance Service 30 Month Review

Date published: 16 December 2016

The first two statistical bulletins contain findings from research carried out to gain feedback about the level of service provided by Child Maintenance Choices (CMS Choices Survey Bulletin 2016) and the Child Maintenance Service (CMS Customer Satisfaction Survey Bulletin 2016). The third bulletin provides insight to understanding  the factors that impact individual and family decisions with regard to both statutory and non-statutory child maintenance arrangements (CMS Population Survey Bulletin 2016).


Article 130 of the Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015 placed a requirement on the Department to review the impact of fees no later than 30 months after they came into operation i.e. by the end of December 2016. These Bulletins, which will be followed by full reports, form the 30 month review.

The Department will now consider these findings and publish a Review Report in 2017.

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